Florida Bar Appoints Shumaker’s Brett M. Henson to Construction Law Certification Committee

SARASOTA, FL – As the field of construction law continues to grow and change, Shumaker Partner Brett M. Henson will help guide the process of becoming certified in construction law in the State of Florida. Florida Bar President-Elect Scott Westheimer has appointed Brett to serve on the Construction Law Certification Standing Committee.

“It is an honor to be appointed to a committee that promotes the professionalism and expertise of construction law in Florida,” said Brett. “I look forward to working alongside my fellow committee members. I am grateful for the emphasis that Shumaker places on pursuing excellence in the practice of law through the board certification process.”

Florida is one of only 14 states in the U.S. that certify lawyers in specialty practice areas, such as construction law. In recent years, Florida has seen an increased demand for board certified construction lawyers to support its booming real estate and development sectors. Of the over 100,000 lawyers in Florida, only about four percent are board certified in construction law, and of those, only nine are chosen by the Florida Bar President to administer the construction law certification process. This process includes reviewing applications and peer reviews of prospective lawyers seeking certification, along with drafting and grading the construction law board certification examination.

Brett’s legal practice focuses in the areas of commercial and construction litigation. He devotes a substantial portion of his practice to handling all types of construction disputes. Brett counsels and assists residential and commercial property owners, developers, and construction industry professionals in all facets of a construction project, including contract preparation, review, negotiation, and dispute avoidance. Brett also uses his experience and knowledge in resolving claims involving insurance proceeds and insurance coverage.