Wendy M. Byrne

Director of Communications and Client Development

Forward-thinking and passionate for driving growth, Wendy seamlessly blends her more than 20 years of strategic communications, business development, and marketing experience to achieve transformative results. Her extensive background in crafting compelling narratives and leveraging diverse communication channels have played a pivotal role in enhancing brand visibility and fostering meaningful connections. Wendy’s multifaceted skill set extends beyond traditional communication strategies; she thrives in identifying opportunities, forging strategic partnerships, and orchestrating comprehensive campaigns that resonate with audiences, driving engagement, and amplifying brand value. She is dedicated to harnessing the power of communication to not only elevate brand presence but also to cultivate enduring relationships and drive sustainable business growth.

Away from work, Wendy enjoys spending time with her friends and family. Adventurous at heart, she enjoys scuba diving, skiing, and she has her Bareboat Sailing Certification. In addition Wendy obtained her Right Seat Companion Certification for flying, and she is a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer. 

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