Jonathan Ellis Appointed Chair of Shumaker's Community Associations Business Sector

TAMPA, FL – Shumaker announced today that Partner Jonathan Ellis has been appointed to serve as Chair of the firm’s Community Associations Business Sector; a team of lawyers representing community associations throughout Florida, giving the guidance and strategic counsel they need to operate efficiently and effectively.

In practice for more than three decades, Jonathan is certified in Condominium and Planned Development Law by The Florida Bar’s Board of Legal Specialization and Education, which identifies a lawyer with special knowledge, skills and proficiency, as well as a reputation for professionalism and ethics.

In addition to Jonathan’s leadership, partners Kathleen Reres and Clint Morrell will assist in guiding the team of 12 attorneys. Kathleen and Clint take a hands-on role in providing quality legal service and oversight.   

The attorneys in Shumaker’s Community Associations Business Sector represent community associations (Condo and HOA) in all facets of community association law, from general collections and enforcement of covenants, to revitalizations of covenants and general corporate matters. They serve as general counsel for numerous community associations and handle all types of litigation from foreclosure of liens, even through bankruptcy, to defending the Association’s officers and directors when sued. Shumaker’s Community Association Sector handles discrimination claims, Housing Urban Development (HUD) and Americans with Disabilities (ADA) inquiries, construction defect cases, Marketable Record Title Act (MRTA) issues, turnover, injunction hearings, determination of covenant validity, contested elections, and corporate control disputes to name just a few.

“Our success is largely based on providing real answers and obtaining real results,” said Jonathan.