International Transactions

We manage risk and maximize opportunities for clients engaged in international business.

In an increasingly global marketplace governed by fluctuating regulations, businesses must be able to move goods, services, people, and capital across international boundaries quickly and efficiently. Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP lawyers provide a comprehensive range of services to help foreign-based and U.S. clients facilitate their varied international business transactions—from corporate and commercial transactions to immigration issues and patent and trademark protection.

We routinely assist clients in selecting and creating appropriate business entities for conducting businesses in international or U.S. markets. Clients turn to us for help in implementing sophisticated corporate transactions such as business sales, mergers and acquisitions, and joint ventures. Businesses also consult with us to implement the commercial transactions that keep their businesses running smoothly. Our practitioners’ experience encompasses sales and distribution agreements, agency contracts, commercial leases, and financing agreements or facilities, and we advise clients on documentation for or agreements regarding credit enhancement, payment and security, and letters of credit. Our lawyers also draft confidentiality and non-competition agreements for both U.S. and international business clients.

In addition, we help clients protect and enforce their invaluable intellectual property rights, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets, as well as ensure compliance with complex laws and regulations—including domestic legislation, international treaties, trade regulations, and international tax issues. When disputes arise, we effectively represent our clients’ interests in U.S. and international courts.

Our Clients

  • U.S. and foreign-based companies, individuals, government entities, and agencies, including industrial, financial services, technology, consumer products, and energy companies on sourcing, manufacturing, distributing and selling their products and services around the world.
  • Corporate clients—from small to mid-sized companies to multinational Fortune 500 and FSTE 1000 companies—in the following sectors:
    • Agribusiness (chemicals and seeds)
    • Automotive
    • Aviation and aerospace
    • Building materials
    • Chemicals, petrochemicals, and resins
    • Construction and engineering
    • Electronics and technology
    • Energy
    • Food and beverage
    • Forest products and paper
    • Furniture
    • Home appliances
    • Industrial equipment
    • Packaging
    • Steel and metals
    • Textiles and apparel

Our Services

  • Antitrust, competition law, and regulatory
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency
  • Business entity
    • Selection and creation of appropriate business entities for conducting business in domestic or foreign markets
  • Corporate transactions
    • Advice and implementation with respect to a variety of corporation transactions, including business sales, mergers and acquisitions, and joint ventures
  • Commercial transactions 
    • Consultation and implementation of a variety of commercial transactions, including:
      • Sales and distribution agreements
      • Agency contracts
      • Commercial leases
      • Financing agreements or facilities
      • Documentation for or agreements regarding credit enhancement, payment, and security, including letters of credit
      • Confidentiality and non-competition agreements
      • Cross-border insolvency
  • Applicable laws
    • Consultation and advice with respect to compliance with applicable laws, including:
      • Domestic and foreign legislation or laws and conflict of laws
      • International treaties such as NAFTA, CISG (Convention for the International Sale of Goods), and GATT
      • Trade regulations, including INCOTERMS and UCP (Uniform Customs and Practices for Documentary Credits)
      • Anti-dumping laws and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
      • International tax issues
      • Export/import regulations
  • Immigration
    • Consultation and representation with respect to cross-border transfer of employees or personnel
  • Patent and trademark protection
    • Advice and representation with respect to the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets
  • International commercial arbitration or litigation
    • Advice and representation with respect to disputes in U.S. or foreign courts, including advice on choice of forum, discovery in international disputes, and enforcement of awards or judgments
  • Litigation
  • Products liability
  • Real estate
  • Tax