Journalists rely on our guidance to adhere to legal policies, standards, and guidelines across all media, and to answer any challenges by third parties.

Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP actively protects the First Amendment rights of print, television, and radio journalists, particularly for the major media outlets in Northwest Ohio. Equipped with practical insight into workings of print, broadcast, and online media, we provide these clients with proactive review of controversial materials before they take them public to identify potential problems. We understand reporters’ and editors’ points of view when weighing legal risks with privacy rights and the public interest, and we ensure that reporters and their editors understand those issues. Recognizing that the final decision to run a story rests with the client, we suggest risk mitigation strategies to help them reach the right journalistic decisions.

In high-pressure, time-sensitive situations, we leverage our working knowledge of print and broadcast media to avoid potential subpoenas or litigation. That includes asking the right questions to advise on the likelihood of challenges as well as helping clients substantiate expressed or implied claims in news reports and avoid unintended innuendo.

When media clients engage our services, they receive both responsiveness and authoritative guidance. Our reputation for excellence as experienced media counsel means that our advice is respected by legal professionals and in the court of public opinion in addition to the usual judicial arenas.

Our Clients

  • The largest radio groups and several major television stations in Northwest Ohio
  • A national broadcast news network on issues involving the Northwest Ohio media market
  • A major regional newspaper publishing and broadcast company with operations in several key Midwest and Eastern cities

Our Services

  • Conducting pre-publication review
  • Making and responding to open meetings, open court, or open records requests
  • Responding to subpoenas or other litigation-related concerns
  • Advising on privacy and publicity rights and privileges and the likelihood of challenges
  • Dealing expeditiously with publication retraction and correction issues

Our Experience

  • Worked behind the scenes with major Northwest Ohio media outlets, including non-clients, to coordinate efforts on opening court proceedings to the public
  • Handled Northwest Ohio issues for national ABC legal department, working with Toledo ABC affiliate
  • Obtained Ohio appellate precedent allowing TV cameras into state court courtrooms