The Journey to an ESOP Podcast - EP34 - Interview with John Burgess - debut of FLCEO new non-profit in Florida to help ESOPs

  • 08.10.2020

Tampa Partner John Burgess recently taped an episode on The ESOP Guy, a podcast hosted by Phil Hayes from Berman Hopkins in Melbourne, FL. John and Phil discussed the establishment of the Florida Center for Employee Ownership (FLCEO), which John currently serves on the board of, and the Center's mission of providing resources to those interested in an Employee Stock Ownership Plan. The FLCEO is a non-profit that will serve to educate business owners, advisors, and the general public about ESOPs and how they work, so that they can help decide if it’s a good way to do an ownership transition.

Listen to the full episode here

The ESOP Guy podcast aims to educate business owners and management team members that have an interest in utilizing ESOPs as either a growth strategy, succession strategy, or an exit plan. Phil Hayes illuminates the simplicity of ESOPs as he debunks common misconceptions that ESOPs are immensely costly and complicated.