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Ed Miyagishima Receives Angel Humanitarian Award

  • March 13, 2018

TAMPA, FL – Shumaker Advisors Florida, LLC is pleased to announce that Ed Miyagishima and Jim Goff, CEO of USA Groups were recipients of the Course of Action Foundation’s Angel Humanitarian Award in connection with their efforts to assist those affected by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. 

Mr. Goff and USA Groups donated space on a large cargo ship he chartered for relief efforts and Mr. Miyagishima and Shumaker Advisors assisted by connecting USA Groups and the Course of Action Foundation together and assisted with key logistics and communication with both state and federal government agencies, specifically with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). With their help, the Course of Action Foundation was able to ship multiple containers of relief supplies, which included generators, clothes, water and food that were donated by the Tampa Bay community to help the tens of thousands of people who were affected by the devastation of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

“The help that Jim Goff and USA Groups gave to us was at a key moment in our efforts to help the people of Puerto Rico. I am truly overwhelmed by the willingness both he and Ed Miyagishima offered,” said Evelio “EJ” Otero, Chairman and CEO of the Course of Action Foundation. “I have known Ed for some time and know of his relationships in Washington DC and in Tallahassee. He is always willing to help and gets the job done. We are truly thankful for both their help and their willingness to help the people of Puerto Rico.”

“The Course of Action Foundation and USA Groups highlight why I love Florida and Tampa Bay,” said Ed Miyagishima, “they did all the heavy lift work, but together we were able to bring people and relief supplies to help those in need. It truly is amazing what good people who want to accomplish good things can do for the right reasons, I am just blessed and humbled to play a small part.”

The Honorable Mayor Manuel Gabina Mendoza of Aguada, Puerto Rico and the Honorable Mayor Charlie Delgado Altieri of Isabela, Puerto Rico were on hand to personally to thank the organizations who donated to the relief efforts. They also thanked the entire Tampa Bay community for their continued kindness and generosity.

Mayor Altieri thanked the community for the three tons of food, water and supplies that were and continue being shipped to the Isabela region that are helping the 46,000 victims recover from the devastation. The most recent container arrived on Wednesday.

Otero and the Mayors also thanked the tremendous support by Governor Rick Scott who visited the effort and key donors of the equipment, vessels, planes, supplies, funds, and warehouses.

Other awards were given out to USAA; Mr. Tom Pepin; New York Yankees; Mr. Tony Bruno; Tampa Bay Rays; AMSCOT; TECO; Tampa Bay Lightning; Cleveland Indians pitcher Carlos Carrasco and the Carrasco Foundation; Mr. David Nelson of the Port of Tampa; Joe Lopano and John Tiliacos from Tampa International Airport; Mr. Joe Capitano; Mr. Ray Morganti; Mayor Bob Buckhorn, Minnesota Twins; Tampa's Church of Scientology; Dr. John Garcia; Luis Vega; Florida House of Representative Janet Cruz; Mr. Richard Trela from Homeland Intelligence Technologies, and Ms. Arlene Marie from All American Events 

“It was an operation of thousands of great Tampa Bay people helping tens of thousands of people in need,” said Otero “It truly was one of the best run events I have ever been a part of and now, it is piece of Tampa Bay’s great heart and history.”


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