Former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford Joins Shumaker Advisors

Charleston, S.C. Shumaker Advisors announced today that former South Carolina Governor and former U.S. Representative Mark Sanford will be joining the firm. With more than 25 years of combined government and political experience, Mark brings a vast array of knowledge and experience at both the state and federal levels to Shumaker Advisors.

“I could not be more proud to welcome Governor Sanford to the Shumaker family,” said Shumaker Charlotte, N.C. and Greenville, S.C. Managing Partner Steve Meckler. “As the Federal Government continues to grow, we see increased needs every day from our clients that need assistance navigating legislative procedure and regulations. Governor Sanford adds another critical component in our ability to advise on government and legislative issues. For our clients with business in the Carolinas, Governor Sanford will be an invaluable resource as they navigate the complicated intersection of policy and law.”

"I have been honored to serve the citizens of South Carolina and of the United States and look forward to this new chapter. I've always tried not only to make government smaller, but to well understand its details, and in this light I look forward to joining the team of outstanding professionals at Shumaker,” said Mark.

Mark's knowledge of policymaking at both the state and federal level is unmatched. He has a command of the issues, the process, and the politics, and our clients will be well served by his leadership,” added Executive Vice president and Principal of Shumaker Advisors Florida and former member of Congress David Jolly.

From 2003 to 2011, Mark served two terms as South Carolina’s 115th Governor and Chief Executive, where he was instrumental in assembling a first-rate team that worked with a host of political constituencies and produced substantial policy gains even while navigating through the headwinds of the largest economic downturn since the Great Depression. As Governor, his administration’s tenure was marked by a wide range of governmental reforms and a record setting $24 billion of Capital investment in South Carolina. 

Mark also served twice in the United States Congress. His time in Congress began in 1994, and after serving three terms, he elected to leave, but subsequently went back to Congress in 2013, where he served another six years. In Washington, D.C., Mark served on the Transportation, Budget, Government Reform, International Relations, and Science Committees.

Prior to politics Mark worked in real estate finance and investment. He holds an MBA from the University of Virginia, and an undergraduate degree from Furman University. He resides in Mt. Pleasant, S.C.

Shumaker Advisors is a public affairs and government relations firm specializing in advocacy, business development, coalition building, and communication strategies while serving at the federal, state, and local levels of government.

Mark will work out of Shumaker’s Charleston, South Carolina, office.