Alan Suskey, RJ Myers, and Suskey Consulting Merge with Shumaker Advisors

Tampa, Fla. –Shumaker Advisors Florida (Shumaker Advisors) and Suskey Consulting announced a merger today that will result in one of the most influential public affairs firms in Florida. With the move, Alan J. Suskey will become managing principal, state affairs under Shumaker Advisors and will lead its Tallahassee practice. Joining Alan at Shumaker Advisors will be RJ Myers – a key member of Suskey Consulting.

“The opportunity to work with Ron and the team of professionals at Shumaker Advisors was an opportunity I couldn’t pass,” Suskey said. “Combining our teams, resources, and talents will enable us to deliver even more positive results for our clients, while working with a group of individuals I admire and respect.”

“When you see what Alan has built with Suskey Consulting, and the growth and results they have delivered - you can’t help but admire them,” added Ron Christaldi, Founder and President/CEO of Shumaker Advisors Florida. “By joining together we will significantly expand our presence in Tallahassee and continue to grow key relationships we have already established.”

An eighth-generation Floridian, Alan has built an advocacy career representing world-renowned research institutes, technology companies, small businesses, and clients in numerous localities, as well as in both Tallahassee and Washington, D.C. Alan has also represented clients in complex and impactful matters in front of elected officials throughout Florida.

“From soldier to advocate, Alan has proven himself to fight for what he believes in,” said state Senator Jeff Brandes. “Anyone fortunate enough to work with him will quickly discover that and I have no doubt he will raise the bar of any organization or company he works with.”

“Alan is a remarkable advocate and leader,” added state Representative Chris Latvala. “He elevates those around him and Alan will be successful in whatever he does. I am blessed to be able to call him a friend and I am excited for his future with Shumaker Advisors.”

Alan and RJ join Shumaker Advisors as the firm has established itself as one of the most impressive and fastest growing public affairs firms in Florida. In recent months, Shumaker Advisors has added former Hillsborough County Commissioners Lesley “Les” Miller, Jr. (also former minority leader in the Florida House and the Florida Senate) and Sandra “Sandy” Murman (also former speaker pro tem of the Florida House), as well as longtime Chief Assistant Hillsborough County Attorney Jennie Granahan Tarr, former South Carolina Governor and Congressman Mark Sanford, Michael R. McKinley (Charlotte County’s first ever assistant county attorney), and former congressional chief of staff Ryan Walker, to an already impressive team that includes Ron, Congressman David Jolly (ret.), Amy Maguire, Mike Hamby, Joel Freedman, Melanie Griffin, Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward (ret.), Andrew Mayts, and JD White.