Experienced Appellate Attorney Duane Daiker Appointed Chair of the Florida Bar’s Appellate Practice Certification Committee

TAMPA, FL – Shumaker Partner and Board Certified Appellate Specialist, Duane Daiker, has been appointed Chair of the Florida Bar’s Appellate Practice Certification Committee. The purpose of the committee is to identify those lawyers who engage in appellate practice and have the special knowledge, skills, and proficiency, as well as the character, ethics, and reputation for professionalism, to be properly identified to the public as board certified in appellate practice.

“I look forward to continuing the excellent work of the Appellate Certification Committee,” said Duane. “Helping potential clients find qualified and experienced appellate counsel in Florida remains our top priority.”

Duane currently serves as Vice Chair of the committee and has been actively involved in every aspect of the appellate community. He is a member of the Executive Council and a former chair of the Appellate Practice Section of the Florida Bar, a 1,700-member organization comprised of lawyers and judges devoted to promoting excellence in appellate practice. He also served on the Appellate Court Rules Committee from 2012-2018.

As a result of his leadership and involvement, Duane is well-known to lawyers and judges in every appellate district. Duane also hosts a legal podcast entitled “Issues on Appeal,” which focuses on timely and timeless issues relating to appellate practice through interviews with members of Florida’s appellate community.

Although he has a broad range of commercial and construction litigation experience, Duane’s passion is representing clients in the state and federal appellate courts. He regularly appears in all of Florida’s appellate courts, including the Florida Supreme Court. Duane is known for his clear and efficient writing style that cuts to the heart of complex legal issues. He knows that appellate judges don’t want to read a 50-page brief, so he cuts ruthlessly to the point—with proven results.