Andy Herf Receives the Chuck Freiburger Business Partner of the Year Award

COLUMBUS, OH — In recognition of his dedication and hard work supporting ViaQuest’s employees and the people they serve by advocating for much-needed Medicaid rate increases, Shumaker Advisors President Andy Herf was awarded the ViaQuest Chuck Freiburger Business Partner of the Year Award. Andy was honored at the ViaQuest 2023 Conference “Live to Serve,” where he received the award from ViaQuest President/CEO Rich Johnson. The award is given to those who, through thick and thin, no matter the situation, fight for every person at ViaQuest.

“Andy Herf has been a true champion for ViaQuest, our employees, and the people we serve by being a fierce advocate for Medicaid rate increases, knowing the lives of Ohio’s most vulnerable citizens are at stake,” Rich said. “His knowledge, expertise, and leadership has been critical to this historic undertaking.”

Ohio Providers who serve people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) have been underfunded for the past 20 years, receiving one minimal rate increase that reimburses at a level well below the poverty line. Andy relentlessly and successfully pursued rate increases, knowing the nation’s most vulnerable citizen’s lives are at stake. Andy worked directly with key legislators and Governor DeWine to help ViaQuest employees receive retention bonuses and is working to bring Direct Support Professionals’ pay up to a living wage in Ohio.

“Rich and his employees at ViaQuest dedicate their lives to helping people who are the most in need. We at Shumaker are energized to represent ViaQuest because we know it directly supports people with disabilities, behavioral health issues, and their family members. Our entire team is humbled to be recognized by such an important organization,” said Andy.

ViaQuest was founded in 1999 by CEO Rich Johnson, ViaQuest has grown from a single division in Ohio to serving individuals throughout Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania through disability, mental health, and hospice services divisions. The name ViaQuest represents the overall mission of the company: a group of people on a mission (or Quest) to change the way (Via) health care services are delivered.