Shumaker Attorney Helps Attract Manufacturer to Bring New Jobs to Tampa Bay

Why Pasco EDC’s Ready Sites Program Laid the Groundwork

TAMPA, FL—Shumaker Partner and City Attorney for the City of Zephyrhills Matthew E. Maggard played a part in helping to attract a Brazilian food company to build a manufacturing center and bring hundreds of new jobs to Tampa Bay.

Brazilian food manufacturer Bauducco Foods acquired a 72.52-acre site and plans to build a 403,000 sq. ft. facility that will create about 600 jobs. Pasco County and the City of Zephyrhills approved millions of dollars in economic incentives to help seal the deal. But another program, set up by the Pasco County Economic Development Council (Pasco EDC), was essential in making this happen.

“The Pasco EDC’s Ready Sites program that was implemented to get properties ready for industrial development and prepare sites with the power, water, and sewer they need for a project like this also was a huge factor. Because the City of Zephyrhills partnered with Pasco EDC, Pasco County, Duke Energy, and the property owners, this property is shovel ready. For a project of this magnitude, having a site ready for construction can make all the difference,” Matthew said.

As Chair of the Pasco EDC and a Board member for the past five years, Shumaker Partner Michele Leo Hintson remarked, “Years of dedicated effort and collaborative teamwork culminate in deals like this, and witnessing a victory of this magnitude validates every ounce of hard work invested. It stands as a testament to the collaborative, innovative, and proactive strides taken by the Pasco EDC and the City of Zephyrhills.”

"Contributing to Tampa Bay's success in drawing a major employer and fostering new job opportunities for our region is incredibly fulfilling. Ultimately, making a positive impact on our community is the true essence of our endeavors," Matthew added.