Lauren N. Diaz Appointed to Ohio Bar Examination Advisory Committee

COLUMBUS, OH – Shumaker’s Lauren N. Diaz has been appointed by Chief Justice Sharon Kennedy to serve on the Ohio Bar Examination Advisory Committee. The Committee is tasked with exploring Ohio’s bar examination options, including whether and how to adopt NextGen, which is set to replace the Uniform Bar Examination.

“Lauren has embodied excellence throughout her life as a standout scholar, athlete, and community servant. She steps into her new role as an attorney with a wealth of experience and wisdom. Beyond sharp minds, the legal profession needs individuals who possess diligence, generosity, and the leadership ability to inspire those virtues in others. Having witnessed Lauren’s exemplary qualities firsthand during her externship in my office in spring 2022, I am confident that she will not only invigorate our profession, but her compassion and commitment to others will elevate the dignity and esteem to our vocation,” Justice Sharon Kennedy said.

The Ohio Bar Examination Advisory Committee plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of the bar examination process in the state. As a member of the Committee, Lauren will provide strategic guidance and recommendations for enhancing the examination procedures and ensuring fairness and accuracy in evaluating aspiring legal professionals.

“Due to the changes in the national uniform bar exam, the Ohio Supreme Court must make some important decisions about the best way to ensure that new Ohio lawyers are qualified to competently represent the public. I am pleased that Lauren Diaz will be a part of this important committee that will make recommendations to the Ohio Supreme Court about the future of the bar exam in Ohio,” said Justice Pat DeWine.

Lauren is an attorney in Shumaker’s Litigation and Disputes Service Line and Director of Government Affairs for Shumaker Advisors. Prior to joining Shumaker, Lauren worked diligently in political fundraising on behalf of Members of the Ohio House of Representatives, the former House Speakers, and the Caucus as a whole. She also assisted in the campaign and reelection efforts of Ohio Chief Justice Sharon Kennedy. In doing so, Lauren developed strong relationships with public and private sector leaders at the state and local levels of government, as well as with an array of different business and industry leaders supportive of their efforts from across Ohio. Lauren also worked for the Cincinnati-based law firm Langdon Law, LLC in campaign finance law, where she developed her knowledge of state laws regarding lobbying, political action campaign (PAC) formation, ballot initiatives, and other related topics.

"I am honored to have been selected to serve on the Ohio Bar Examination Advisory Committee," said Lauren. "I look forward to collaborating with fellow committee members to uphold the highest standards of integrity and excellence in the bar examination process, ultimately serving the best interests of aspiring lawyers and the public."