Shumaker Remains Focused on Retaining and Fostering Talent; Appoints Maria Ramos as Tampa's Talent and Retention Partner

TAMPA, FL – Shumaker Partner Maria del Carmen Ramos has been appointed the Talent and Retention Partner for the firm’s Tampa office. In her new role, Maria will oversee associate development, mentoring, reviews, compensation, and retention strategies.

"I am honored to take on this responsibility and plan to continue to create an environment where associates can achieve success,” Maria said.

Having demonstrated outstanding leadership and dedication throughout her career, including serving as Shumaker’s Diversity Committee Co-Chair, Maria is poised to build on the strong foundation established by her predecessor, Partner Kathleen Reres.

“We want the firm to continue to be a place that attracts high-caliber candidates and where associates can develop their careers and enjoy high satisfaction practicing law. As Maria assumes this significant position, she will continue to further strengthen the program, attract top talent, and maintain Shumaker’s culture of innovation and excellence,” said Michele Leo Hintson, Partner and Management Committee Member.

Partner Brad deBeaubien will continue to serve as the Hiring Partner in Tampa, overseeing lateral partner, associate, and group hiring. Partner Andrew Oppenheim will assist Maria and Brad in their efforts.

“We are very grateful for all Maria, Brad, and Andrew are doing in these important roles, and we are thankful for Kathleen’s service over the past three years in shaping Shumaker’s associate program into something very special,” Michele added.