Danielle M. Lutyk Appointed to Twelfth Circuit Grievance Committee “C”

SARASOTA, FL — Shumaker lawyer Danielle M. Lutyk has been appointed to serve on the Florida Bar’s 12th Circuit Grievance Committee “C.” She will serve a three-year term on the Committee, which plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of the legal profession by evaluating complaints against attorneys and ensuring that the Florida Bar's standards are met.

"I am honored to be appointed to the 12th Judicial Circuit Grievance Committee. This opportunity allows me to contribute to upholding the integrity and ethics of our legal community, ensuring that justice is served with fairness and transparency. I am committed to diligently and impartially serving in this capacity, and I look forward to collaborating with my colleagues in this vital role," Danielle said.

Danielle, an associate in Shumaker’s Litigation and Disputes Service Line, has been a member of the Florida Bar for seven years. Her experience and dedication to the principles of legal ethics make her a valuable addition to the Committee. Danielle has consistently demonstrated a commitment to fairness, justice, and the rule of law in her practice, where she focuses on all phases of civil and business litigation. An experienced civil litigator, Danielle’s attention to detail and adaptable nature makes her a strong advocate for clients. She has represented individuals and corporations in both trial and appellate actions and brings a wealth of knowledge from her broad experience.

Grievance committees are made up of volunteer members, at least one-third of whom are not lawyers. Each of Florida’s 20 judicial circuits has at least one such committee. The grievance committee reviews complaints with much the same purpose as a grand jury.