Shumaker Advisors Helps Secure $4.6M to Pave Way for Workforce Housing in Jackson County

TALLAHASSEE, FL—Shumaker Advisors is proud to announce that it helped Jackson County secure new state funding to develop much-needed workforce housing.

This week, Governor. Ron DeSantis announced $4.6 million in new funding for Jackson County to complete a 1.3-mile road and accompanying utilities for a development expected to include 250 single-family homes. The Shumaker Advisors team in Tallahassee helped Jackson County apply for the new source of funding and successfully earn the allocation.

“The shortage of affordable workforce housing is a critical issue that demands our immediate attention and innovative funding solutions. We are excited about this new investment, confident that it will help hundreds of people in the Marianna community realize their dream of having a place to call home,” said Alan Suskey, Executive Vice President and Principal State Practice of Shumaker Advisors.

The new funding comes from the Florida Job Growth Grant Fund, which is an economic development program designed to promote public infrastructure and workforce training across the state. Proposals are reviewed by FloridaCommerce and chosen by the Governor to meet the demand for workforce or infrastructure needs in the community to which they are awarded.

In Marianna, the $4.6 million will help pave Pooser Road as part of a transformative new workforce housing development in the area. The 250-home project is a partnership between the county and Rausch Coleman Homes.