Client Alert: Filed S.C. Senate Bill Proposes to Eliminate “Supervising Physician” Requirements for CRNAs

Last week, Senator Tom Davis (R-Beaufort) introduced Bill S. 563 on behalf of the South Carolina Association of Nurse Anesthetists.  S. 563 would remove all supervision language for certified registered nurse anesthetists (“CRNAs”) from the Nurse Practice Act. (S.C. Code Ann. Sec. 40-33-20 et seq.)

The current version of the Bill proposes the following amendments to the Nurse Practice Act:

  • All references to physician supervision are removed.
  • Written scope of practice guidelines must be developed with a licensed physician versus a “supervising licensed physician.”
  • A minimum of master’s level education would be required for CRNA licensure.
  • The physician or dentist responsible for the supervision of a CRNA would not be required to be identified on the anesthesia record before administration of anesthesia.

The Bill was introduced in the Senate and read on the floor for the first time on February 26, 2019 and has been referred to the Committee on Medical Affairs.

For more information or assistance, please contact Laura Johnson Evans, Lisa Thomas, Callie Campbell Stratos, or Mary Ramsay.

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