Michael E. Born


Mike brings a strong environmental background to his role as counselor and advocate for energy and electric generation organizations, manufacturers, and mining companies. With over 30 years of experience, he has participated in and represented clients through regulatory development and enforcement trends throughout multiple administrations at both state and federal levels. This, paired with his work as a young lawyer developing and influencing the implementation of significant regulatory programs that have since become the current regulatory scheme for Ohio industry, enables him to effectively and efficiently represent clients in a variety of regulatory development, compliance, and related litigation issues. These include substantial experience in air, solid waste, water laws, and hazardous waste environmental compliance matters.

Though Mike has spent his entire career representing the industry in regulatory matters, he is himself an avid outdoorsman and a mindful conservationist. After 20 years in the suburbs and commuting 9,000 cumulative miles to and from work, Mike recently moved to a modern, energy efficient, loft in the heart of Columbus’ urban core. He now walks or rides COTA to work, no longer spreads gallons of fertilizer on his lawn, and heats/cools a home a fraction of the size of his prior suburban McMansion. All of this has led to cutting his carbon footprint in half. Mike’s only long drives now consist of weekend travel to his outside interests, which include sporting clays and golf.