Administrative, Regulatory and Government (Local and State Agencies)

Individuals, businesses and organizations that are subject to local or state governmental agency regulations and licensing requirements are significantly impacted by changes in rules and regulations, and by disciplinary actions by the agencies to fine, condition, deny, suspend or revoke licenses.  Shumaker, Loop and Kendrick, LLP has experienced attorneys to represent clients before state and local governmental agencies in the rule-making process, licensing, regulatory matters and administrative proceedings pursuant to state law. 

What Makes Us Different

Shumaker’s attorneys take the time to understand the regulations applicable to your business, and our knowledge of laws and regulations relating to health care, construction, child care, real estate, wet zoning, financial institutions, environmental, employment and labor, and hospitality allows us to provide guidance before problems arise and service our clients in licensing, regulatory compliance and disciplinary issues before administrative agencies.  In addition, Shumaker Advisors, LLC, a group of public affairs and advocacy professionals, can provide non-legal support to help accomplish client goals.  Shumaker and Shumaker Advisors, working together, bring a combination of legal experience and government advocacy that provides clients with a full service representation.

Who We Serve

We represent business clients of all sizes, including companies with industry-specific needs, such as construction, child care, health care, real estate, financial institutions, environmental, employment and labor, and hospitality.  We also regularly represent licensed medical, real estate and construction professionals.

Why You Benefit

Clients receive the benefits of a skilled and experienced group of attorneys which offers a variety of administrative and regulatory services in a cost effective manner.  Our focus is to resolve matters for clients quickly and efficiently so that you spend less time dealing with regulators and more time building your business.

What You Can Expect from Shumaker

When clients ask Shumaker to represent their interests, we take the time to understand how their business works, know the issues and create a clear and comprehensive strategy.  We work diligently to assess the merits of the issues, the risks inherent in the matter, and balance the strengths and weaknesses and advise clients on the best approach to resolve the problems.  We understand regulations have a large impact on your profession and your business and we strive to achieve a prompt and meaningful resolution to your problems.