"What Every Employer Needs to Know for 2015" presented at Sarasota Chamber University

Doug Cherry, Jason Collier, Scott LaPorta, and Richard Lewis presented the following seminar at the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce Chamber University:

What Every Employer Needs to Know for 2015
A Panel Discussion presented by Shumaker, Loop and Kendrick

Doug Cherry, Partner
Avoiding Legal Pitfalls in Intellectual Property. A look at fatal assumptions made by businesses related to trademark, copyright, domain names and trade secrets.

Jason Collier, Partner
Examining ways to protect your organization from wage & hour liability, properly categorizing employees as exempt or non-exempt, and avoiding common mistakes under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Richard Q. Lewis, III, Associate
The Florida Revised Limited Liability Company Act. A discussion of the Florida Revised LLC Act, recent changes, the default statutory provisions and what it means if your LLC is not in compliance.

Scott A. La Porta, Partner
The modern pitfalls of data breach. Protection, preservation, prior planning and implementation of appropriate business safeguards. A discussion and review of Florida’s new PII statute, general statutory compliance, and a brief overview of federal law affecting local business operations.