COVID 19 Roundtable – A Legal Update with Shumaker

  • What are the rights of employees who have been allowed to work from home, but now are being called back?
  • Can employees be required to return to the office?
  • Once a COVID-19 vaccine is available, can employers require employees to get one?
  • Can companies require employees to self-quarantine after traveling out-of-state?
  • What are the questions a business and person should ask before filing for bankruptcy due to the pandemic?
  • What are the legal and tax considerations regarding accepting any future federal or state grants and loans tied to COVID?

In this roundtable, moderated by former Tampa Bay Times Editor of Editorials and Pulitzer prize winner Tim Nickens, features four of the brightest legal minds in the country. They include Shumaker certified health care lawyer Grant Dearborn, Shumaker employment law expert Jennifer Compton, Shumaker bankruptcy attorney Steve Berman, and Shumaker Advisors Florida, LLC principal Amy Maguire.

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