Sarasota Attorney Plays Prominent Role in Transforming ‘The Bay’

Sarasota, FL Sarasota Managing Partner and Vice Chair of Shumaker's Management Committee, Jennifer Compton continues to be a trailblazer in the community. The Sarasota native is playing a prominent role in the long-awaited development of 53 acres along Sarasota Bay, known as ‘The Bay’. The more than $150 million dollar project will transform city-owned land, which is mostly a parking lot, into a blue-and-green oasis that celebrates nature, promotes environmental sustainability, and provides accessibility for all.

“Growing up here, I remember school field trips to see a show at the Van Wezel,” said Jennifer. “Afterwards, the other kids and I would have to eat lunch outside on the curb. Some 30 years later, that’s still the case for our children, but we are changing that. We are preserving the natural beauty of Sarasota Bay, while creating an iconic destination where people can explore, make memories, and bask in the bayfront breeze. I am committed to leaving a cultural legacy that will benefit generations to come.”

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Jennifer is using her legal expertise to pave the way for The Bay. She created a first-of-its-kind private/public partnership agreement between The Bay and city of Sarasota. Jennifer was also one of the founding directors of the Sarasota Bayfront planning organization, and is currently the Secretary of the Bay Park Conservancy. Over the past two years, The Bay has raised more than $22 million dollars, mostly from private donations. Construction is well underway for the first phase of The Bay, and some attractions, including the mangrove bayou walkway, are already open.

“There’s still so much more to come, including a playground, a concession area, and fully-accessible launch dock. The Bay will be a permanent fixture for everyone to use and enjoy,” added Jennifer. “I think it’s going to be the type of thing where 100 years from now, people aren’t even going to be able to picture what it was before it was The Bay.”

Jennifer is proud to contribute to the development of a world-class park that will welcome everyone to Sarasota. The Bay is on track to fully open in the summer of 2022.