Client Alert: 2024 Congressional Schedule

Download Client Alert: 2024 Congressional Schedule

Recently, both the U.S. House and U.S. Senate released their 2024 calendars. Despite 2024 being a presidential election year with 33 Senators and the entire House up for re-election, both chambers of Congress will spend a significant amount of time in Washington, D.C. This will allow time to address a multitude of issues, including—but not limited to—the Israel-Hamas war, the war in Ukraine, government funding, the National Defense Authorization Act, Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) reform, and reauthorizing the Farm Bill and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The Shumaker Advisors team of Jason Ouimet, Chris Salemme, and Ryan Walker in Washington, D.C. is uniquely positioned to help your company or organization navigate the morass of the federal legislative and regulatory process.

Shumaker Advisors is a full-service, bipartisan public affairs firm providing expertise in government relations, business development, coalition building, and communications strategies. Shumaker Advisors serves clients at the federal, state, and local levels of government. Our team has the capacity to offer access, advocacy, and advice, as well as crafting messages, managing communications, and building coalitions, which are important to all phases of our clients’ success. We advocate for our clients’ issues as we work to develop a strategic plan for meeting their goals. Collaboration and relationship building with decision makers and other thought leaders are essential parts of any organization’s growth and stability.

Shumaker Advisors brings a diverse background with many bipartisan relationships and has been able to effectively advocate on behalf of its clients on both sides of the aisle at all levels of government. The Shumaker Advisors team has long-standing relationships in the community. These relationships are the leverage our clients need to successfully and efficiently achieve their goals and priorities. Serving our clients with tenacity and integrity enables Shumaker Advisors to build, grow, and maintain relationships that are key to our success as a company and the value we bring to our clients.