Shumaker Names Two Attorneys to Lead Fast-Growing Technology Business Sector

SARASOTA, FL – Doing business in an increasingly digital world, new technologies are changing the way businesses operate at an exponential rate. Shumaker is selecting two of its partners to lead its Technology Business Sector to help technology and innovation-focused companies, such as companies engaged in the development and manufacture of cutting-edge technologies, data management and protection strategies, software development, digital marketing, web design, and the provision of online services. Shumaker is prepared to help these businesses navigate the concerns involved in creating, acquiring, licensing, distributing, and utilizing evolving technology.

Shumaker Partner Doug Cherry will serve as Technology Business Sector Chair, and Shumaker Partner Phillip Lee will serve as Co-Chair. Doug works at Shumaker’s Sarasota, Florida office, and Phillip works at Shumaker’s Toledo, Ohio office.

“We understand the specialized legal needs of tech companies, the patchwork of new legislation and regulations targeted at this sector, and the pressures and challenges these companies face; we are ready to help. Our new Technology Business Sector is focused on anticipating the challenges and opportunities of the digital age to benefit our clients,” said Doug. “Shumaker is prepared to assist these businesses with a wide range of legal services, ranging from corporate and employment law issues to intellectual property protection and litigation.”

“Technology is evolving rapidly,” said Phillip. “Our clients need practical and focused legal advice to ensure they are taking advantage of new developments and also protecting their business interests and proprietary rights as the legal state of play changes.”

“From startups to manufacturers to data companies, Shumaker’s team is able to help a variety of clients with the intersection of technology and the law,” said Shumaker Management Committee Vice Chair Jennifer Compton. “Doug and Phillip’s leadership will certainly be an asset to clients as they develop strategies to thrive in this rapidly changing digital world.”