Shumaker Announces the Appointment of New Service Line Leaders

TOLEDO, OH — Shumaker announced today three newly appointed National Service Line Leaders and five newly appointed Regional Service Line Leaders to meet the demands of its expanding clientele and sustained growth.

“Clients' needs are dynamic and multifaceted. At Shumaker, we understand the importance of not only meeting our clients' current legal requirements, but also proactively anticipating and addressing potential challenges on the horizon. Our commitment is not just to provide legal solutions; it's about staying ahead, adapting to change, and ensuring our clients are well-prepared for whatever the future may hold," shared Jennifer Compton, Chair of Shumaker’s Management Committee.

Newly Appointed National Service Line Leaders:

Patrick B. Horne assumes the role as National Service Line Leader for Intellectual Property (IP) and Technology. In a time where IP procurement and enforcement needs are escalating, Patrick's nearly two decades of experience provides a keen understanding of the evolving landscape and keeps him at the forefront of adapting IP and technology law to address the growing need for safeguarding IP. He is poised to guide the service line in navigating the complex intersection of law, technology, protecting IP rights, and addressing the legal challenges posed by emerging technology.

Scott D. Newsom has been appointed National Service Line Leader, overseeing the newly created Benefits Service Line. Employee benefits and executive compensation are specialties that require particular expertise and Scott’s more than 25 years of experience and proven track record have positioned him to lead the new service line. An established leader, Scott was instrumental in bringing two new groups of highly skilled employee benefits attorneys to the firm in 2023, reflecting Shumaker's commitment to meeting the growing demand for legal services in the employee benefits sector.

Michael A. Snyder has assumed the role of Environmental and Energy National Service Line Leader. With an impressive legal career spanning 25 years, Mike has the experience to traverse the pressing challenges posed by evolving environmental issues, which make him the ideal candidate to lead the service line. Mike successfully represents clients of all sizes in federal and state courts and before a wide variety of state and federal administrative agencies and adjudicatory bodies. In his role as National Service Line Leader, Mike will ensure that Shumaker continues to provide complete legal solutions to clients seeking guidance in the dynamic field of environmental and energy law.

Newly Appointed Regional Service Line Leaders:




  • Jeffrey B. Fabian, Litigation and Disputes Regional Service Line Leader


"As the new service line leaders assume their roles, we know their experience and dedication will bolster our service lines today and pave the way for sustained success in the future," shared Jaime Austrich, Vice Chair of Shumaker’s Management Committee.