Shumaker Names Six Attorneys to Help Lead Fast-Growing Business Sectors

TOLEDO, OH — Shumaker has appointed six accomplished attorneys to help lead key business sectors within the firm and further solidify Shumaker's commitment to excellence in these fast-growing practices.

As Shumaker continues to expand its footprint and enhance its capabilities, the inclusion of these talented professionals marks a strategic move towards reinforcing the firm's leadership in key business sectors. Each attorney brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record, aligning seamlessly with Shumaker's dedication to providing unparalleled legal services to its clients.

The six attorneys and their new leadership roles are:

"The diverse skill sets and extensive experience of these new Chairs and Co-Chairs will strengthen our position as a leading force in the legal community and further solidify our standing in key business sectors," said Jennifer Compton, Chair of Shumaker’s Management Committee.